Cooking with my daughter.

Defrosting chicken in the microwave. 

Me: Go push start on the microwave

Jess: What numbers do I push?

Me: None. Just push start.

Jess: Yea but what numbers.

Me: No numbers. It’s already set, just push start.

Jess: No numbers?

Me: No numbers.

Jess: Just start?

Me: Just start.

Jess: Yea but….

Me: No but. No numbers. JUST START!

Jess: But…


Jess: I pushed it.

Me: THANK you.

Jess: No big.


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2 responses to “Cooking with my daughter.

  • Noel

    Oh ,this conversation sounds sooooo familiar. I have similar talks with my 5 year old, who asks about EVERYTHING!! 5yo: “It is raining!” Me: “Yes it is raining” 5yo: “Why is it raining?” Me: “I don’t know, when I go to heaven I will ask God” 5yo: “But you are not going to heaven today!” Me: “No I am not…” 🙂

    • thistlesandweeds

      hee hee. glad it’s not just me. my daughter’s autism causes her to fixate. If something breaks routine it really throws her for a loop. sometimes she gets stuck on one thought and it’s just impossible to redirect lol. Luckily the chicken got defrosted. 🙂

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