Sometimes you just know….

…how things will play out.

There are some that say it’s the energy you send out. That somehow the universe can pick up on the subtle cues, and then what you think will happen actually does. Self fulfilling prophesy they call it.  Others call it intuition.  Being aware of yourself, and your surroundings enough to know what’s going on and be able to think a few moves ahead.

This is often the case in my social interactions with other people.  For the most part I am completely oblivious to the world around me.  Perhaps that’s more voluntary than I’d care to admit.  However, there are other times when I’m keenly aware of what’s going on.  This is usually the case when it’s going to involve some emotional hardship for me.

So now I’m sitting here with a carefully planned text message, just waiting till the appropriate time to hit send.  I’ve already got an idea of how this verbal exchange will play out.  I am clinging to a shred of optimism that I’m wrong. But everything inside me is telling me I know exactly what’s going to happen. I’m pretty sure this is going to sting. It’s like bracing for a hit. If you know it’s coming, will is still hurt as much?

I do know that I’ve gotten through worse. I also know that, no matter what happens, in a year this moment will not matter.

So tick-tock, the pendulum swings. In an hour I’ll have all the answers I need.

Win lose or draw the night ends in pints of Guinness for me. 🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.



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