Snow Globes

Every now and then, without any warning he comes back.  Like someone visiting a souvenir from an enjoyable vacation, he picks up the snow globe that preserves our time together.  Since his last visit the snow has settled and buried any trace of what feelings I may have for him. His “remember when” stirs up the snowflakes of every memory we created together.  Instantly I’m lost, blinded by the glittering bliss that surrounds me and blocks out all of reality.

The sound of him sleeping is hypnotic.  Part of me is fighting sleep, in some futile effort to extend this time we’re together.  The other part of me is dying to relive what it felt like to fall asleep in his arms.  When I wake up this will be over.  When the snow settles this moment will end and he will be gone again.

Closing my eyes will end this dream. I can already feel the tears foreshadowing the pain that’s coming. I’ll fall asleep remembering everything I’ve loved about him.

In this moment I’m happy.

And for now that’s enough.


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2 responses to “Snow Globes

  • apriljc

    I love the way you write…
    Whatever it is you’re describing or writing about, I’m taken there.

    I know what it feels like to be blinded by the glittering bliss. I guess we can all relate, in some way, to that feeling. It’s a feeling that’s hard to recover from.

  • thistlesandweeds

    Thanks. Eventually I’ll get used to writing again.

    He was gone when I woke up.
    It hurts just as much as I knew it would.

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